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Panama doesn't endorse Honduras, Belize anymore.

Panama has temporary stopped issuing coc.

Application for Panama endorsements against Belize or Honduras are not accepted.

New tariff for Panama has been revised.

Belize has temporary stopped issuing coc.

Application for Honduras COC/COE are now accepted.

Verifications links for Belize, Panama, Honduras COC/COE can be be found in our website.

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Procedure for issuance of Panama Title Endorsement / Certificate of Competence (CoC)


Understanding the needs of the actual maritime industry, and specifically the problems you may encounter with applications and issuing time of the Panamanian crew licenses with the Panamanian registry, our office is in position to offer you a variety of outstanding services, in the shortest time possible.

Normally it will take us one working day to issue a temporary certificate (CT), so you will have it for  the next day, if  urgent even on the  same day. Our office will provide you a Title Endorsement with the same capacity, function, level, limitation and validity of the license attached to the application for Panamanian Title Endorsement. The date of issuance of the national documents must not be older than 5 years according to Panamanian regulations and the certificates must have been issued by the maritime authority of a country within the white list published by the International Maritime Organization.


Scan copíes of the following documents:

- National COC or Seaman’s book of the rank you require Panamanian title endorsement

- Proof of sea service experience or letter of employment (only for ratings and marine technician)

- Basic training Course (only for ratings and marine technician)

- Security certificate: SSO for Officers or Designated Security Duties and SSA for Ratings. For more info please see attached Circular DGGM- UCYC-021-2013

- Passport copy  (only first page showing personal data)

- Photo in color 3x3 cm. (scan copy in high resolution)

- Medical certificate according to MLC 2006 (not older than 24 months). In case you do not posses medical fitness certificate according to MLC 2006 please use the following medical MLC 2006 form.

- filled application form

- filed application form

send copies  of  the above documents to  following email addresses:


For  more  detailed  instructions  please  see instructive  for  issuance.
Upon receipt of the above listed copies of the documents we will provide you with a Temporary Certificate (valid for three months) and we’ll send it to your email scanned in color within the  same day or in any case no later than within two working days. Original temporary licenses and permanent licenses once issued will be sent by courier or certified mail if such preferred or convenient to the designated address provided by you.

For more instructions, prices and information on how to apply for panama marine licences please request instructive for issue of a title endorsement or contact our office.


Through our office those officers who posess national licenses and would like to upgrade the rank may obtain upgraded Panama COC.

Also, as authorized seafarer agent we are  able to  offer to officers who posses national licenses issued from administrations whitin the IMO white list upgraded.

For more infomation please contact our license department at: info@sealicensing.com
Panama ships are subject to the provisions  in acordance  with the  STCW 78 / 95 Convention concerning the competency of officers and seamen.

There are no restrictions imposed on the nationality of the master, officers and crew engaged on Panama ships.

Panama Maritime Authority through its consulates and authorized offices will provide you with a Title Endorsement with the same capacity, function, level, limitation and validity of the license attached to the application for Panamanian Title Endorsement.
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