Serving Our Clients For Over 15 Years

We would like to introduce ourselves, as a maritime entity, providing quick and efficient flagging and crew endorsements services under several well renounced flags such as Honduras, Belize, Panama & St. Vincent among others…

In addition to services above, we establish offshore companies under several commercial registers mainly, Honduras and Marshall Islands…

With our strong network, we are capable of providing world wide services through our agents and associated members, via our above Holding society.

In addition to the above flagging services, our office is offering the possibility to officers to renew their competencies and basic or advanced training courses under the below maritime Administrations, as required by the STCW convention:

  • Belize
  • Panama
  • Honduras
  • Palau
  • St Kitts and Nevis
  • Cook Islands
  • Ivory Coast

Also, our society is now in the final stages of negotiations, with yet another reputable Academy, to also offer our clients an even wider option for the renewal of officers & seamen STCW certificates.

Our target is to offer our clients a timely and cost efficient service, and most importantly the proper follow up as per the demanding market of today.


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Ship Registrations

Our ship registration related dexterity are supported by the growing relations with
various Reputable Maritime Administrations of the Industry and which in turn enable us to offer Sophisticated, premier-quality solutions to our international clients.

Crew licensing

we offer the possibility to officers to renew, upgrade or get endorsement on their competencies and basic training courses as required by the STCW 2010 convention under the Maritime Administrations: Honduras, Panama, Belize, Palau, Indonesia, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Liberia.

Man power supply

We are ready and organized to manage vessel (s) from one seaman to full complement, providing the best of our services.

New applicants are interviewed and vetted by our experienced Master Mariners and Chief Engineers and upon satisfactory approval he will qualify to be proposed to our Clients according to their requirements

Vessel inspections

our services; trust, impartiality, independence within the framework of principles, using its technological capabilities and knowledge of the day, especially in all the world, our customers’ expectations, within the framework of international standards and the needs of the market; to present on time and accurately with the awareness of teamwork.

Maritime consultancy

Our professional team will guide you through the procedures in registering your vessel while taking the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand all the details.

STCw courses

With our great connections with registered and authentic maritime colleges we may assist you in obtaining Basic or Advanced STCW courses as per STCW 2010 through legal procedures.